Objective: To examine the relationship of clinical epilepsy characteristics, baseline neuroimaging features, electrophysiology, selected biomarkers, and comorbidities to seizure burden.

Inclusion criteria

  • Clinical seizure(s) and history consistent with focal epilepsy
  • Age ≥12 years and ≤60 years at time of seizure diagnosis
  • At least one confirmed spontaneous seizure in the 12 months prior to enrollment
  • AED treatment (for seizures) instituted not more than 4 months prior to enrollment

Exclusion criteria

  • Idiopathic or symptomatic generalized epilepsy
  • IGE/focal epilepsy mixed syndromes


Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy & Sleep Center
Pavel Klein, M.D.

Ivana Tyrlikova, Arkady Barber, Lenka Goldman, study coordinators
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