About Us


Until about 10 years ago, tertiary epilepsy centers in a private practice setting were almost unheard of in North America. During the last 10 years, and particularly over the last 5 years, such centers have begun to spring up with increasing frequency as highly skilled fellowship-trained epileptologists choose the option of private practice in favor of university-based careers. This has created both the need for information by those wishing to set up private practice epilepsy centers, the opportunity to exchange ideas regarding clinical care and business models and the chance to collaborate in clinical research.


The mission of the Consortium of Private Epilepsy Centers is to bring epileptologists and other health professionals working in private epilepsy centers together in order to promote collaboration in clinical research, to facilitate interaction with other professional institutions involved in the field of epilepsy, to facilitate the sharing of experience, to promote exchange and development of business ideas and ideas relating to epilepsy care delivery in private practice, and to promote education about epilepsy and seizure disorders for the patient and caregiver community.